The G.O.T.T. Squad - About Us/Contact Us - West Deptford, NJ
The G.O.T.T. Squad - Step Out Of Your Box and Party In Ours!
About Us
Welcome to The GOTT Squad!
My name is Dawn Shutman.
I created the group in 2008. 
We have 210 GOTTs to date with 250 of us on our facebook page!
GOTTs come from the South Jersey and Philly areas!
All these beautiful ladies have made this adventure last for 5 years!
They have participated, donated, volunteered their time and energy and that is why we are still going strong! 
Reasons for The GOTT Squad:
1. How does an adult make new friends? We encourage our children to make new friends, try new and different things, however it's difficult for adults to do the same.
2. My husband and children had better social calendars! 
3. I was new to the area and had no friends or family that lived near by.
The GOTT Squad gives me the opportunity to step out of my box, network and make new friends! 
Like my motto says "Step Out Of Your Box and Party In Ours! 
All the planning is done--All you have to do is Show Up! 
You always know that there is an event every month!
All you have to do is RSVP!
We would like for you to come out and join us each month for a new adventure!
You can contact/visit The GOTT Squad 3 ways:
Visit Our Facebook Page
Or Send us an email:
visit my pinterest board: The GOTT Squad
Location: Changes each month
Hours: Once a month: We TRY for the 1st Friday OR Saturday Night of month!
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